Stealing Dawn

Stealing Dawn is a story of adventure, action and changed lives.

The political climate approaching a presidential election is always charged with unknowns. Concerns over what might divert public attention from the candidate’s strategic game plan loom large.

For Georgia Senator and Democratic nominee, William Daniels, events take an unexpected turn when his Atlanta estate is overrun one night by mercenaries. His wife, two children, house staff and seven-year-old niece, Dawn, are terrorized for only six short minutes, but it sets o a chain of events that will change the course of the presidential election, the family, and lives of some of the most powerful and ruthless men in the world.​

Stealing Dawn follows the life of Dawn after she is stolen from the only family she has. She is held as a pawn to assure the outcome of the election, now just months away. What the mercenaries didn't count on were the lengths the family would go to when Mrs. Daniels, without her husband’s knowledge, hires a man known only as Stone, to steal back Dawn.

Finding Dawn is easy for Stone, but lives, fortunes, and political aspirations are dramatically altered over the eight-day journey home.